Window on Manhattan

Manhattan bustles with life.

The first time you see it, an emotional, sometimes irrational connection happens.

It’s huge, loud, crowded. One of the most populated cities in the world.
It can feel suffocating, erratic, but also thrilling and romantic.
You love it or you hate it almost instantly.
There’s no middle ground.

But a quiet, almost peaceful side of Manhattan is to be found by whoever is willing to get to know her well.

In “Window on Manhattan” you will see the city like never before.

From the outside looking in.
From the top of its tallest buildings looking down.
When the sun rises and the deserted city is calm and serene.
When the sun sets and the city's busyness flashes in stripes of light.
From afar when she looks still.

After some time, you learn to embrace the magnitude of it all; to surrender to it.
Then, you can feel at peace and quiet.
You can be alone in a city of millions.

This is my New York.

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